BISBox (Business Internet Server)


The BisBox is a comprehensive and reliable Internet Server that will provide clients with all the functionality they need to utilize the power of the Internet, from remote access; to the effective management and control of Internet resources within a secure environment.

BisBox ‘s combination of technological enhancements and cost effective solutions makes it a necessity in any organization or business.


It is essentially an Internet Gateway Server that is used to connect an enterprise or organization to the Internet and control all Internet activity.  It includes components like a Firewall, Proxy Server, VPN Server, Email Server with Webmail and Virus scanning functionality, a FTP Server and Traffic Monitoring utilities.


The BisBox is supplied and maintained by Network & Computing Consultants (Pty) Ltd and supported by NCC’s NOC (Network Operations Centre) , which is comprised of highly skilled and efficient senior consultants ready to assist should any problem or query arise.


All components of the BisBox are managed through a Web Interface, which makes the BisBox a highly efficient, cost effective and easy to use business tool.















“NCC`s Business Internet Solutions provides a functional, reliable, secure and controlled Internet environment”.